These days it’s safe to say that most businesses make use of the cloud which means that document sharing in Sharepoint, as well as Sharepoint document collaboration has become essential.

Did you know that DropboxSharepoint facilities are also available? This is a really easy way to allow your intranet users a place to collaborate their documents. Document sharing in Sharepoint is really user friendly too which means it’s an easy way to offer alternatives to personal sites that normally require a governance plan.

Sharepoint document collaboration makes for a great personal storage location where users can share documents with their network and the application will communicate to the networks via the SharePoint News Feeds. There is also an application that collaborates with PowerShell commands that administrators can use to manage quotas, forbidden file extensions and storage. In addition, DropboxSharepoint is fully integrated with the “My” Sharepoint logic.

Here’s what DropBoxSharepoint isn’t:

  • It’s not a solution to work around storage problems that can be incurred by personal sites. Storage can actually become a great problem when using Dropbox.
  • It’s not a personal Sharepoint document collaboration site. If you do need to share documents, ask users to use team sites created for that purpose.

Document sharing in Sharepoint allows you to share sites or documents with people outside of your organization.  So if you do need to share documents or collaborate directly with clients, vendors or customers, then you’ll need to use your sites to share content with people who are not a part of your organization. With Dropbox Sharepoint you can send users a guest link which they can use to view individual documents on your sites.

When you wish to share a site with external users, simply send them an invitation to use to log into the site. You can send the invitation to any email address. When sharing documents or sites, you can select the permissions you want the person to have when they enter the shared area. Remember to be careful about sharing your organization’s areas that are primarily for internal use, you don’t want to be giving permission to external users to view sensitive content. You will need to be a site owner or have full permission in order to share documents with external users.

If you wish to share documents using anonymous guest links, it is possible for invited recipients to share the guest links with others and you might lose control of exactly who can view your documents. So rather don’t use guest links to share sensitive documents. Rather share a document by requiring a user to sign-in.

When you do want to use Sharepoint document collaboration and share content externally, consider these points:

  • Who do you want to grant access to your content to? What do you want them to be able to do?
  • Who in your organization do you want to grant sharing permission to and with whom do you want to share content externally?
  • Is there sensitive content that you wish to not avail to external sources?

DropboxSharepoint is an easy to use way to share your documents in the cloud.

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